A digital repository of a patient's health information
Chief-of-Staff, VP
The Problem As a patient, accessing your medical records is still a huge problem. Despite advances in technology and data, physicians still rely on fax as their primary method of data transfer. 
The Solution Kate - is a digital repository of a patient's health information. Our team partnered with self-insured large employers, as a benefit to their employees. We built an easily understandable health care timeline with the 5Ws that patients really wanted: the when, the where, the what, the who and the why. If a patient needed their actual records, Kate would broker that transaction and aggregate the patient's information in one place. 
Our Process Kate was incubated at Accretive, a private equity shop that has a built a track-record for building excellent companies, including Accretive Health, Accolade, Acumen, Fandango and Exult. 
My Role As Chief-of-Staff, I was responsible for all strategic projects, including building anchor partnerships, developing our data strategy, setting up recruitment processes and supported building a values-driven culture.