Deploying a combination of design, business and engineering... 
 create new products...

A mobile app that collects a consumer's health information to create a simple timeline

A device that captures cancer cells circulating in blood, for the purposes of building a real-time liquid biopsy laboratory test services...

An organization with the mission to create a channel for exchange of contemporary art between India and the U.S. 

A novel service to deliver oral rehydration salts to rural areas of developing countries leveraging Coca-Cola's distribution channel 


...and solve system-wide problems.

Re-designing the World Health Organization's emergency response framework in wake of the Ebola epidemic 

Evaluating how vaccines are delivered in rural areas of developing countries 


Through this journey, I have begun to assemble my toolkit, to include,


engineering & technology

focused on healthcare tech and bio-engineering

systems dynamics 

focused on public health ecosystems  

ethnographic & user research

to better understand users of products and services


leadership & management

across projects and teams to create impact and solve problems