Commute Concierge
Placing the burden of the commute on the employer
Designer, Stanford Design Program
The Problem The bay area commute has gained the reputation of driving mental health issues, a retention problem for employers and a driver of declining wellbeing. 
Our Process As a part of our need-finding class at Stanford's Design Impact program, along with 2 colleagues, we immersed ourselves in the lives of the Bay Area commuters. We interviewed individuals with 15 minute commutes and those with 3 hour commutes. 
We heard stories of resilience, endurance and isolation. We realized that individuals did not have adequate support in their decision making window. Individuals were also not aware of their options - carpools, shared vans, commuter discounts etc. 
Our Conceptual Solution Employers were not able to attract talent because they did not have a remote office. We decided to design the support employers could provide to their employees - a Commute Concierge. This service would help you prototype your commute, make an optimal decision, and support changes at a later stage.