I have begun to assemble my toolkit, to include skills in,


Engineering & technology

Designed a biologically engineered solution to combat anti-biotic resistant cholera

We stole the targeting mechanism from naturally occurring bacteriophages (a type of virus) to specifically target cholera bacteria. We attached the targeting mechanism onto a bacterium that eats other gram negative bacteria, thereby creating a naturally occurring anti-bacterial therapeutic.

Supported the development of a new digital classification schema for the detection of cancer treatment variances 

As the Director of Client Services and Operations at Cota, I played an integral role in collecting real world data and analyzing it to develop a new digital classification schema for variance detection in treatments and outcomes for cancer. Cota's work was published as a part of the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual conference.

Supporting the development of a mobile app

As the Chief-of-staff to the Founder and CEO, I helped design the initial feature sets and screen flows of Kate, a consumer engagement mobile app that summarizes a patient's health history and enables them to better manage their care information.


System dynamics & modeling

Built a system dynamics model to evaluate the impact of deploying a new stroke pathway in the US and UK

As a part of a healthcare innovation seminar, the team compared the stroke care pathways of the US and the UK. Along with another team member, we developed a system dynamics model to evaluate the impact, in terms of cost and quality, of introducing a new ultrasound technology into the care pathway.

Developed  a system model to capture the complexity in governance structure of the vaccine delivery network in India

As a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, I led the field research in India and Bangladesh to understand the current state of vaccine delivery in rural parts of the countries. To prove a hypothesis that effectiveness of the system was limited by governance rather than technology, I built a system dynamics model.

Sketches to develop Ayra's operational model

Ayra Art is a company that I co-founded this past year. Ayra's mission is to enable access to art from under-represented markets. We sketched numerous operation models to understand the different variables in sourcing, framing, packaging, and shipping art from India to the US and vice-versa. These sketches are from my journal.


Ethnographic and user research

Conducted focus groups

As the Chief-of-Staff to J. Michael Cline, the founder of 2 start-ups, I led the design process for our initial user-testing. We started with a few quantitative surveys then transitioned to focus groups. I developed the objective, recruited volunteers, moderated the focus group and analyzed the results to gather insights.

Observed a day in the life

As a tool to use in field research. I wanted to capture the day in the life of stakeholders involved in the delivery and administration of vaccines in India. Using video and photography, I followed the delivery man, the nurse and the mother across several days and documented my observations.

Studied a brach of society through photography

As a part of an independent project, I wanted to study a family owned business in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In response to a new wave of punk, in 1978 Suzan Phelps started a vintage clothing store Hubba Bubba. In the 80's in response to growing demand, she transitioned Hubba Bubba to an adult store. Suzan graciously gave me access to document how adults behave in "just another store" in Cambridge.